Frequently, people don’t take advantage of the most basic opportunities available to them. To discover those opportunities, Andrew Wolf offers his clients refreshingly independent insight they’re unlikely to find anywhere else. 

With Andrew’s help, you can begin a comprehensive “discovery” process to see how your current plans align with your goals and priorities for the future.

  • Is there a way to "future-proof" my wealth transfer plans?
  • Do my plans still make economic sense?  
  • How can I be sure I've covered all the gaps? 

  • In-force life insurance analysis, stress testing and viability
  • Leveraged wealth transfer transactions
  • Survivor needs / Income replacement / Estate liquidity
  • Long-term care strategies with guarantees
  • Planned giving / Legacy strategies
  • Shareholder agreement funding for buyout / equalization
  • Insurance for foreign nationals
  • Disability income protection 

Andrew Wolf is available to consult, evaluate, and make recommendations on all insurance matters, including:

Questions to ask yourself: